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100% Natural

Headquartered in Chennai, India, we get our supply of beautiful virgin Indian hair from the temples where tonsuring is a traditional practice. This hair is brought to our state-of- the- art factory where hundreds of seasoned craftsmen carefully sort and grade the hair according to colour, texture and length. The hair then goes through a thorough yet gentle cleaning process for which we use shampoo and conditioner methodically developed by our expert R&D team. Once the hair is ready, it is sent to specialized departments to be crafted into various products. Our, experienced Quality Control team, carefully scrutinize the products at every step of the process from the time the hair reaches the factory ensuring only the best is made ready and packed for our international partners.


A certificate of authenticity should come with every single bundle of virgin hair that you purchase and supplier should be able to supply one at request.  This proves the origin of the hair, for example, Brazilian hair origin should be traced back to Brazil not made in China.  This certificate means that the hair is traceable, through a reference numbers and has undergone rigorous inspection.  This means you are buying the genuine article.  A certificate of authenticity also should state the company’s name as well as its contact information for it to be genuine.


Pretty Girl Bundles is a new hair extension company born out of New Orleans, LA. Our company was formed by a sister duo inspired to start their own hair company. After noticing the high demand for high quality hair extensions, the duo decided to start searching for the perfect human hair extensions for their own personal use. Once this was achieved and with overwhelming response they received from family and friends, the sisters felt that the only logical next step was to create Pretty Girl Bundles!